FAQs for eWills

Does this affect my current Will/or any updates?

The shift to Footprint has no impact on the legality of your current Will. The increased security to protect client privacy does mean that your old online password will not work. You will be required to re-register with a new, more secure password and enter your Will instruction information from there.

If you would like a copy of the last online Will you wrote with Perpetual Guardian we will be happy to send this to you at any stage if you have misplaced your own copy. You can also give us a call to go over any details or answer any questions you have.

If you appointed Perpetual Guardian as an executor in your eWill, there’s absolutely no impact or change to the appointment, either now or in the future.

How much does Footprint cost?

We are pleased to say that we have been able to reduce some of our pricing. As an existing eWills client you may recall that there were two pricing options, depending on if you selected Perpetual Guardian as an executor or another party. At Footprint, this has been changed to one flat fee of $100.

What happens to my personal information?

We have a strict policy that we will not share any of your personal details outside of Complectus Group - the company that owns Footprint NZ and Perpetual Guardian. For more information on what happens to your personal information, please check out our privacy policy.

Who is Footprint?

Footprint is the digital arm of Perpetual Guardian. We are two sides of the same coin, bringing together technology and industry expertise.

We were formed to meet the growing expectations of tech-savvy customers who want convenience, competitive pricing and access to relevant helpful information.

Our research also showed us that in New Zealand, we have approximately 1.13 million people between the age of 20 – 45 and it is estimated that only 21% have a Will.

At Footprint we believe that deciding when it’s the right time for you or your family to put a Will in place is a matter of personal choice. However, what concerned us was how often it appeared this decision was being made based on a perceived lack of assets or incorrect assumptions about what happens to your assets if you die without a Will.

This research conveys a story and we are here to tell it. Our purpose and mission is clear:

  • Provide you with accurate and relevant information
  • Make it easy for you to ask us questions
  • Give you access to affordable, quick and easy digital services

The Footprint philosophy:

The decisions we make today are the Footprints we leave behind.

Your Will, your story. It’s that simple.